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Welcome to our newsletter. We'll send you regularly news of the development of Fleet Commander. Today here is a recap of our last news, especially the latest announcement of the release in Early Access on Steam for Fleet Commander : Pacific.

From our Dev blog

Release of Fleet Commander Pacific

The game of grand WW2 strategy to control the Pacific

We are pleased to announce that our game covering the strategic campaign of the Pacific War (WW2, 1941-1945) is now releasing in Early Access on Steam.

The game is playable in Multiplayer with your Steam friends, and also against the AI (although the goal of the Early Access is to build up on the existing one). Valid improvements may be brought along the way, on various points, thanks to the community.

Available languages are English, French and Spanish. Others (Chinese, Russian, German, Italian, possibly Japanese) could be added during the course of the next weeks.

We would love to get the community feedback during the upcoming stages, as we feel we have much to learn from your comments, suggestions and reports, so we can do our utmost to get the game to higher standards with your assistance.

Have fun…and fire!
Fleet Commander - Pacific - Steam early Access release


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