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Fleet Commander is a new dedicated engine used by a series of new easy and fast-to-play games presenting major naval wars or campaigns on a strategic scale. All major surface combat ships are present in grand scale simple (but not simplistic) strategic simulation of massive conflicts spanning whole wars duration. Players also manage air forces, convoys, marines contingents and submarines. Continued control of key sea areas will determine ultimate victory.

The first game in the series is Fleet Commander: Pacific.


Fleet Commander is a digital simulation of naval wars at a strategic levels. In all games of the series you will find:

  • a turn-based sequence of play (with various scales from days to months),
  • all main battle ships as individual units, and minor ships or air units regrouped in squadrons,
  • sets of Playing Cards to spice up the game and deal with other factors such as diplomacy, weather, land war operations and many others events,
  • a common gameplay that allows to quickly jump into any game of the series once you have played one of them,
  • a simple (but not simplistic) set of game mechanisms, focusing on taking control of key sea areas,
  • straightforward battle mechanisms, handling the various aspects of naval warfare: gunnery exchanges, submarines and ASW, missile and airborne attacks, command control, electronic warfare, etc..,
  • a challenging set of decisions each turn for the selection of which areas to keep under your control, seize from the enemy or harass,
  • a wily AI that will attempt to foil your grand strategic plans,
  • a very accurate database with faithful ships sketches, 3D models, and actual historical or recent photos,
  • a streamlined UI and easy controls, and a wealth of ingame information,
  • and many scenarios of variable length and difficulty for each game in the series, some of which being rather unique and/or surprising!

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Historical, Independant, Strategy


Second World War – Pacific war

Estimated playtime

1h to 10h


Pixel Ratio


Plug-In Digital


English, French & Spanish